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Shop by Entertaining - Platter

Platter Favourites

Shop for everything you need to build a mouth-watering grazing platter, including cheeses, reslishes, crackers, cured meats and fresh accompaniments. Plus, we've got picks to build a stunning festive platter.

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Shop by Entertaining - Cold Canapes

Cold Canapes

Shop finger foods like blinis, smoked salmon & tasty delights.

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Shop by Entertaining - Heat & eat

Heat & Eat Finger Foods

Shop dumplings, wontons, spring rolls and a tasty selection of convenient heat, eat & enjoy favourites.

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Shop By Entertaining - Nuts & Fruits

Nuts & Fruits

No entertaining function would be complete without the token bowl of nuts, shop for a range of nuts and dried fruits for your next entertaining event.

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Shop by Entertaining - Drinks & Refreshments

Drinks & Refreshments

Shop soft drinks and non alcoholic drinks, a handpicked selection to make it easy for you to choose.

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Shop by Entertaining - The Sweet Stuff

The Sweet Stuff

Break up the savoury with our hand-picked selection of sweet finger foods.

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Shop By Entertaining - Christmas

Christmas Entertaining

Shop the quentessential festive favourites - tarts, mince pies and mini puddings.

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Shop by Entertaining - Chips & Dips

Chips & Dips

Shop the convenient and much loved 'chip & dip'. 

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Shop by Entertaining - Party Essentials

Party Essentials

Shop our range of tricks to turn your home into entertainment central.

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